Refueling Robots

Robotic refueling is an automated refueling system that uses top-of-the-line vision sensing and detection systems to help guide the nozzle to the truck's fuel tank. When in place, this system significantly increases on-the-job project flexibility while also solving cost, productivity, and safety challenges. Our parent company, SCOTT Technology, has created a revolutionary robotic refueling system known as Robofuel. Robofuel provides top-of-the-line refueling precision and is typically integrated with an ABB or KUKA robot for optimal performance. It is already successfully being used on many refueling job sites and is substantially increasing productive hours and efficiency of trucks while also reducing on-site costs.

Costs will be saved as no local operator is required during refueling allowing supervision to be carried out from a remote operations center. Also, there is minimal downtime with robotic refueling as the process happens with great precision and ease while also being essentially error-free, saving you from manual mistakes.

Productivity will be exponentially increased with an overall faster operation, greater utilization of the truck fleet, and improved fuel turnaround time enabling an additional cycle per shift. This efficient process will increase your return on investment (ROI) in no time.

Flexibility with the system enables your operating stations to grow and change with you as remote refueling skids can be relocated to different optimal positions. Forget the cost, time, and restrictions required to create multiple manual refueling stations. The freedom of location with industrial robotic refueling provides you with more time for production and the option to have it located within harsh conditions.

Safety is no longer an issue as the operator does not have to deal directly with exposure to flammable liquid, worry about collisions, or any environmental contamination. Automated refueling is the perfect job for an industrial robot to carry out as no human should ever have to be vulnerable to these types of hazards.

This refueling system is already helping a multitude of industries such as mining, road, rail, marine, aviation, drilling and excavator replenishment.