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Thermal Spray Robots


Thermal spray robots coat parts with resistant and protective substances.  Industrial coating robot systems can easily be programmed to coat all kinds of products, regardless of its size and complexity. 

Thermal spray robots are generally equipped with six axes. Three axes for the base motions and three for applicator orientation.

Some thermal spray units incorporate machine vision for guidance or to check application quality. There are several models available from RobotWorx, including the FANUC M series.

Incorporating automation saves time and money in a production line.  Today thermal spray robots are universal, electrically-driven, rather than hydraulically or pneumatically powered.

RobotWorx sells new and reconditioned thermal spray robots from brands like Motoman, FANUC, ABB, and KUKA. We have integrated and installed hundreds of thermal spray robot systems throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Purchasing a new or refurbished thermal spray robot from RobotWorx has many advantages. We offer full warranties, robot training, and customer support. Our staff is an excellent resource if any questions come up. We work directly with each customer to provide customized solutions for their thermal spray robot needs.

Contact the RobotWorx sales department at 740-251-4312 for more information.