ABB TIP/TIG Welding Robots

ABB has done it again! Their exceptional innovation never fails to amaze as seen with their new, patent-pending technology, the TiPTiG welding process. This original process is unique to ABB and has a higher travel speed, lower heat input, reduced cycle time, and an overall better quality welding advantage.

It is quickly becoming the most effective robotic welding function package available as it can increase production up to four times! Additionally, the TiPTiG process has the highest deposition rates for any TIG process available on the market. This method can reduce weld defects, ultimately saving time and money. Furthermore, TiPTiG is easy to teach, learn, and use and is flexible based on specific welding needs. Take a look at the user-friendly robots ABB has to offer and contact representatives online or at 740-251-4321 to learn more.