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There is no doubt that any purchase of a Motoman robot will save your company money, time, and enhance your product value.  Yasakawa Motoman spends a great deal of time thoughtfully designing a variety of robots to best suit the needs of various applications. This is especially the case with Motoman’s UP165.

The Motoman UP130 is a high-speed, robust robot that includes advanced Sigma motors to help provide a powerful, slim design. This 6-axis robot provides unmatched flexibility through the combination of a heavy-duty body and Motoman's multiple robot controller.This arrangement makes the UP130 perfectly suited for a variety of applications and sets the standard for versatility.

The Motoman HP6 is ready and waiting to be installed into your automation line to add the perfect solution to producing fast and quality products. Many companies across the country, and even the globe, have already experienced the added benefits of integrating a Motoman HP6 through RobotWorx. Our team worked hard to listed to the needs of a Missouri company who was desiring an improvement in their speed and functionality.

There is no denying that an integration of any Motoman robot will save you time and money.

KUKA brings to you its very first industrial, sensitive, lightweight robot; the LBR iiwa. “LBR” stands for “Leichtbauroboter,” which is German for lightweight robot. The LBR iiwa is made of aluminium which affords it a huge weight savings. The "iiwa” stands for “intelligent industrial work assistant" as it truly becomes a colleague and third human hand.

The FANUC M-900iA/400L is a long reach, heavy duty robot that can tackle large parts very easily with the robust wrist, rugged arm, and high inertia mode software.  It is a floor mounted robot, ideal for heavy material handling applications as it can handle up to 400kg! The M-900iA/400L is designed to be robust and rugged, which minimizes spare part requirements, helps to reduce down time, and also increases the average time between failure.

Motoman’s EA1400N is a dedicated “Expert Arc” welding robot that was deliberately designed to maximize arc welding applications. The intentional design has made the EA1400N one of the most popular robotic arms due to its incredibly streamlined nature, durable cable integration, large work envelope, and mounting flexibility.It is a six-axis robot with a 3 kg payload, +/- 0.08 repeatability, and a 1,390 mm (54.7") horizontal reach and a 2,427 mm (95.6") vertical reach.

Motmoman's "Expert Handling" EH80 robot is truly an expert in its class; the ±0.07 mm repeatability and high speeds just cannot be beat. It is a fast and flexible solution to meet your automation needs for any dispensing, handling, and/or material removal applications. In addition, the Motoman EH80 has an IP67 rated wrist and a IP54 rated body, or optional IP65 if needed.

The multi-purpose Motoman HP20D brings high-speeds and superior performance in a wide variety of applications such as packaging, press tending, welding, handling, machine tending, material removal, handling, dispensing, and cutting.  The fast speeds help to increase productivity, the compact design helps to improve part accessibility, and the reliability ensures a robust and rigid robot with increased inertia.

Automated welding offers businesses more freedom as their workers can complete multiple tasks at once. For instance, it allows for the loading of one side of a work cell simultaneously as the other side is welding. This ultimately increases the speed of the welding application while also shielding workers from dangerous welding fumes and glare.When deciding to automate and choose which robot is best for your arc welding needs, consider the Arc Mate 100iC series.

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