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KUKA Robotics, a company that has been around in one form or another for over 100 years, is dedicated to making robots to meet all of  their customers’ needs. So, in addition to their assembly, welding and machining capabilities, KUKA also makes picking robots that are flexible and easy to use. A robot’s flexibility and versatility is key to optimization on the production line.

In the food industry, products can change in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, several food processing plants have made the switch to robotic pick and place systems to help automate their lines and improve their overall production.One of these plants, Voortman Cookies, has added several new automations to their plant recently, according to an August 2013 issue of Packaging Digest.

Six-axis robots have been around for a while; however, they are quickly evolving in programming complexity and providing for quick, yet precise products.  They are amazingly dexterous and have already been assigned missions in space, ocean’s depths, battlefields, and hospital operating rooms.  The six axes allows for a large usable work area while also maintaining a very compact footprint.

Robot repeatability testing is a critical component of RobotWorx' reconditioning process. Our Repeatability Cart accurately tests each used robot and compiles the data to make sure the robot is functioning like new.What is Repeatability:Repeatability is the ability of a robot to return to the same spot with only the slightest variation.  Robotic repeatability varies by robot, but generally ranges between +/-0.02mm to +/-0.4mm and is very important to robot performance.

ABB continues to improve their packaging robots with the second-generation IRB 360 robot.  Compared to the IRB 340, it has increased speeds, higher payloads, and a smaller footprint.  It is fitted with triple grippers that allow the robot to pick up three randomly positioned products from the conveyor belt and places the products individually on a rollstock machine.  An upstream image processing system provides the positioning and location data.

Industrial applications present such a wide range of needs with an even wider range of solutions.  Industrial robot manufacturers have designed and developed a variety of industrial robot arms to automate manufacturing applications. The six-axis robot arm is the most commonly integrated industrial robot on the market today. One robot axis is equivalent to one degree of freedom. Each axis, or degree of freedom, is responsible for moving the entire robot arm to the programmed point.

Cutting applications are becoming automated regularly these days. While some companies choose a flatbed cutter for their cutting applications, others are starting to see the benefits of using six-axis robots for this process.

With MIG welding being one of the most common types of welding used in the industrial world, it isn’t surprising that a company like FANUC Robotics would be at the forefront of MIG welding automation. FANUC has a series of MIG welding robots that are able to save manufacturers time and money, while improving movement and coordination through tools like FANUC’s TorchMate vision sensor and ArcTool software.

Upgrading automation is not something that should scare manufacturers. Instead, they should be leaping at the chance to kick their productivity up a notch. One way to enhance the productivity of a shop is to integrate a Motoman ArcWorld 1000 for arc welding applications. This light to medium-volume production welding cell can save space while also saving time.

KUKA Robotics is a branch of the larger company, KUKA, which has been innovating welding and other manufacturing solutions for more than 100 years. KUKA has a reputation for building strong robots with fluid motion. The KUKA KR 6 is no exception. This robot is versatile, with a lightweight construction, and it is built to last.One of the best things about the KR 6 is its ability to maintain smooth motion during its application process.

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