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Pipe welding uses heat to join multiple sections of pipes together in order to create a single piece of metal.  It requires finesse and flexibility as it deals with different pipe dimensions, materials, and fittings that all call for different welding applications, torch angles, etc.  Radial friction welding is a common method for pipe welding. It uses rotation and radial compression of a solid beveled ring into a V-preparation provided by the pipe ends.

What is arc welding?Arc welding fuses parts permanently together by using a power supply to generate an electric arc between an electrode mounted in a torch and a metal. This arc is an electric current flowing between two electrodes through an ionized column of gas is able to produce a heat intense enough to melt the metal. The heat is produced through a negatively charged cathode and a positively charged anode.

Welding automation is the most popular robot application at RobotWorx. Countless customers have experienced the increase in speed, quality, and reduction in errors after purchasing a robotic welder.  At RobotWorx, we are proud to offer a wide selection of robotic welders and necessary supplies to produce optimal results for your automation needs.  When choosing a robotic system, power sources are indispensable and should be a primary focus when shopping.

When manufacturers begin shopping for a versatile robot, they want to be certain their investment will increase assembly speed, accuracy, and repeatability all while producing a superior product.  More often than not, these specific requests lead companies directly to the FANUC R-2000iA/165F.  It is one of our most popular robots and the perfect solution for anyone beginning the transition to automation.

The existing mining refueling process faces many challenges and risks to workers on a daily basis.  The trucks spend a lot of time driving to manual, supervised refueling stations. This is a tedious, timely task that must be overseen on-site and ultimately causes lost production abilities as fuel farms are often located off circuit, outside the mine site.

3D systems today are performing tasks that just a few years ago were beyond the ability of computer-based automation. Machine 3D vision systems are now advancing at lightning speeds and are ahead of the curve when it comes to further enabling robots.  In less than a decade, experts in the machine vision field predict that 3D vision will be standard equipment on robots across all fields and applications.

Robots are becoming even more capable with the integration of 3D-Vision to further improve speed, object recognition, and accuracy. Motoman Robotics answered to industry's 3D vision demands with the MotoSight 3D CortexVision. It is an easy-to-integrate, comprehensive, and powerful vision system that simplifies the use of 3D vision in robotic guidance applications.

Man has always assembled tools and other items. Now, assembly robots are joining in also.Reaching back into history as far as the Cro-Magnon Man, human beings have been constructing tools for use in their everyday lives. Once man moved out of caves and into structures and cities, manufacturers started to pop up in the form of craftsmen like wood workers, cobblers and tailors.

FANUC is going Green, again!FANUC has done an incredible job innovating and keeping pace with what is currently driving the market. This was recently seen with the CR-35iA robot as the biggest and strongest collaborative robot to effortlessly show the world the beauty of combining the power of the robot with the flexibility of an operator. Carrying a 35kg payload, the robot attracted exceedingly high amounts of interest amongst an array of industries.So, FANUC made the next logical decision.

When a used robot comes into RobotWorx, it has usually been in a factory for quite a while. For these used robots, RobotWorx becomes the fountain of youth, restoring them to their long forgotten glory. The road to redemption is not an easy one for these robots, but RobotWorx has a process that will make that road easy and painless.Every acquired robot that passes through the doors of RobotWorx gets a thorough inspection.

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