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There are many different functions that material handling robots can perform, but three of the most common are palletizing, packaging and part transfer. Many material handling functions are tedious, dull and time consuming for human workers. Several of them, including palletizing and part transfer, which may require heavy lifting, can also be injury-inducing.

Need help palletizing bags of mulch, grain, potting soil, etc.?  Worried about puncturing the bag and compromising the product?  Choosing the right robotic bag gripper to automate your process is important and RobotWorx can integrate customized or pre-engineered robotic bag grippers.  The most common bag gripper available has two large jaws with several prongs on either side that close vertically and cradles the bag it picks up.

The Motoman HP6 is perfect for arc welding and material handling automation. The HP6 industrial robot is a powerful and dynamic high-speed solution that works with up to 6kg in payload. It has built-in collision avoidance allowing closer robot proximity. This robot also has one of the widest working envelopes in its class with a 2,403mm vertical reach and 1,378mm horizontal reach. In order to provide a powerful, yet slim design, Motoman installed Advanced Sigma (Σ) motors.

A robot workcell is arranged in a way that improves efficiency, cost and part quality of any given robotic application in manufacturing. Pre-engineered workcells are designed on the principles of lean manufacturing to improve application flow and eliminate waste during the process. Workcells are not just safety barriers, though that is a key component, but they also allow multi-tasking.

Palletizing is one of the most important and widely used end-of-line robotic applications on the market and companies are constantly trying to improve it. Motoman Robotics’ latest innovation for improving palletization is PalletSolver. Motoman’s PalletSolver will help to streamline your palletizing process as it increases the ease of integration of Motoman's robots and enhances the company’s production line uptime.

Robot grippers are the physical interface between a robot arm and the work piece. This end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) is one of the most important parts of the robot. One of the many benefits of material handling robots is the reduction of part damage. A gripper comes in direct contact with your product, so it's important to choose the right type of gripper for your operation.

If you are looking to improve your weld quality and reduce cycle times even more, than Motoman’s new laser-based seam finder, AccuFast II, is the solution. This economical, enhanced software offers increased performance with improved sensor capabilities for Motoman’s Arc Welding robots; the MA- and VA- series and other standard 6 axis robots.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration sets guidelines and standards that should be practiced to keep employees safe.  For robotics, OSHA has set forth standards, directives, and national consensus standards related to robotics.Robots are generally used to perform unsafe, hazardous, highly repetitive, or unpleasant tasks.

Robotic welding systems can help companies increase their productivity and weld quality while also lowering their costs and providing them with a competitive edge. A customized welding system, perfectly tailored to the unique needs of a production line, is key to the level of productivity, quality, and efficiency of a welding system. After being in the business for over 25 years, the experts and engineers at RobotWorx know just what it takes to enhance your welding operation.

RobotWorx offers ArcTool Application software for FANUC as a recommended option for arc welding applications. This recommended option helps increase the productivity and quality of your Arc Welding application.  The ArcTool application software was designed with simplicity in mind; it is easy-to-load and pre-packaged to match the robot configuration of your specific setup.

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