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If you are in search of a flexible and compact robotic design for your production line, than look no farther than the six-axis Motoman MPX3500 robot. This robot has a 2,700 mm horizontal reach and 0.15 mm repeatability. It can work with nearly any size and/or shape to include recessed, curved, or contoured surfaces. The MPX3500 will bring you stellar performance and increased efficiency with its smooth, consistent finish in painting and coating applications.

Food manufacturing has grown into rather complex processes involving preparing, cooking, sorting, packaging and palletizing.  Industrial robots are increasingly being integrated in order to save time and space, as well as improving cleanliness and safety. Food manufacturing robots are commonly used in the dispensing, feed placement, packaging or casing of food, pick-and-placing products into containers, and sorting.

Universal Robots brings huge amounts of flexibility to the plastic and polymer production line; one that requires a highly flexible industrial robot that can successfully adapt and conqueror the wide range of materials and temperature ranges necessary. Their collaborative series, UR3, UR5, and UR10,provide the perfect solution for plastic and polymer manufacturing, including areas such as de-gating, PCB loading and unloading, and pick and place projects.

Universal Robots has a uniquely versatile collaborative series of robots to offer to the metal and machining industries. These robots, the UR3, UR5, and UR10 are exceptional; they can truly allow companies to be one step ahead of competitors. Using a robot in the collaborative series from Universal Robots will boost your productivity while reducing time to market.

The global robotic market consists of a wide range of technologies that are advancing at light speed paces and expecting huge growths. This is especially seen within the collaborative branch.  The collaborative robot market is expecting an incredibly high growth rate over the next few years. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 60.04% between 2016 and 2022, from 110 million USD in 2015 to 3.3 billion USD in 2022 (1).

The electronics and technology industries are booming and Universal Robot collaborative arms are ready to provide your production line with increased precision, flexibility, and overall product quality. From design, application, installation, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance, the tech industry relies on automation that can quickly adapt to the dynamic conditions. The robot arms from Universal Robots are the perfect solution for the electronics and tech industries.

Automotive production lines can now move to the fast lane with a collaborative robot arm from Universal Robots. Universal Robot collaborative arms bring numerous advantages and great value to all stages on the production line within the automotive and aerospace industries.

If your machine tending process is currently manually operated and lacking in consistency and productivity, then consider automating those repetitive and uneventful tasks with Universal Robots. Any current production line can be adapted very quickly and easily as UR’s robots are fast and incredibly flexible to program, install, and deploy.

Speeds will be improved, space will be saved, safety will be enhanced, and programming will be simplified for most all CNC operations using the collaborative Universal Robots.  Workers will no longer have to tackle the ergonomically unfavorable manual CNC tasks and repetitive work and will be free to conduct more important tasks.

Universal Robots Pick and Place collaborative robot arms bring a host of amazing talent to every production line they take part in.  They are collaborative, safe, and able to increase product accuracy and shrinkage reduction.The beauty of UR pick and place robots is their productiveness; they can run 24/7 and don't require breaks or sleep.  They can run autonomously, enabling your human workers to get involved in more important tasks.

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