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Precision is everything in welding, especially when it comes to orbital welding. Unlike regular metal welding, where you work along a seam on a flat surface, orbital welders have to work along the curvier metal areas, like the circular shape of a pipe. FANUC has many arc welding robots that are perfectly suited to perform orbital welding.

Masters at material handling, the Motoman GP series is ready to conquer your application and increase your total productivity. The robots in this series (GP 7, GP 8, and GP 12) offer high speeds and amazing efficiency.  Additionally, all of the robots have a compact, slim design, a small footprint.These robots were designed with the customer in mind; they honor your time and also provide you with easy set-up, operation, and maintenance.

An operator station or "ops station" is an external control panel for a robotic system that runs the entire workcell. The robotic operator station is an essential part of any robot or workcell, giving staff simplified push button control of a complex robotic system, reducing the opportunity for errors.  Once the robot is programmed with the teach pendant, the operator station can be used to call up specific jobs or stop the system in an emergency.

Robotics industrial automation is changing the face of production. Ideally suited for applications such as arc welding, material handling, palletizing and plasma cutting, industrial automation is making it possible for companies to improve production flow and reduce costs.

The standard system for automation:A human machine interface (HMI) connected to a separate programmable logic controller (PLC). These systems have been in place for decades among the industrial automation community. They help the user to keep track of their robot system with a PLC panel view or HMI interface. These operator devices are designed to monitor and control the system.

ABB's latest robot-based press automation solution is the IRB 6660FX. This is the fastest medium-sized (up to 50kg) transfer system on the market.  It's large part companion is the ABB IRB 7600FX and they both can increase productivity by more than 25% when compared with conventional 6-axis robots.  The 6660FX has an output rate of up to 16 parts per minute.The 7-axis IRB 6660FX was created by integrating a dual action unit into the IRB 6660.

RobotWorx offers a complete automation solution for any company desiring to improve their production.  When a workcell is purchased from RobotWorx, the customer can expect a turnkey system that is set up, programmed to the precise needs of the application and production line, and ready to immediately roll out quality products after delivery.  A turnkey system varies per customer and application but will include everything necessary to complete the job on the production line.

This set of guidelines will help ensure that your choice of an industrial robotics supplier leads to a long term partnership. While industrial robots have proven themselves to be a significant factor in the improvement of productivity, quality, profitability, and the competitive strength of many companies, the proper implementation is the key to their effectiveness.Company SizeThe size of your robot supplier can make a major difference in the quality of your project.

RobotWorx offers a wide variety of new and refurbished KUKA controllers.  We are a certified integrator for KUKA robotics and can answer all of the questions you may have.

One of best things you could do for your robots is to conduct consistent and proper maintenance routines.  This includes proper lubrication of your robot parts. Proper lubrication will not only help to save your robot energy but will also help to extend the life span of your robot’s components. Lubrication will smooth and cushion all of the surfaces that are in contact, maintaining laminar flow.

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