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Motoman’s EA1400N is a dedicated “Expert Arc” welding robot that was deliberately designed to maximize arc welding applications. The intentional design has made the EA1400N one of the most popular robotic arms due to its incredibly streamlined nature, durable cable integration, large work envelope, and mounting flexibility.It is a six-axis robot with a 3 kg payload, +/- 0.08 repeatability, and a 1,390 mm (54.7") horizontal reach and a 2,427 mm (95.6") vertical reach.

Motmoman's "Expert Handling" EH80 robot is truly an expert in its class; the ±0.07 mm repeatability and high speeds just cannot be beat. It is a fast and flexible solution to meet your automation needs for any dispensing, handling, and/or material removal applications. In addition, the Motoman EH80 has an IP67 rated wrist and a IP54 rated body, or optional IP65 if needed.

The multi-purpose Motoman HP20D brings high-speeds and superior performance in a wide variety of applications such as packaging, press tending, welding, handling, machine tending, material removal, handling, dispensing, and cutting.  The fast speeds help to increase productivity, the compact design helps to improve part accessibility, and the reliability ensures a robust and rigid robot with increased inertia.

Oxyacetylene welding, usually referred to as gas welding or oxyfuel welding (OFW), is a process which depends on the combustion of oxygen and acetylene. When assimilated in correct proportions within a hand-held torch or blowpipe, a fairly hot flame is fashioned within a temperature of about 5,792 degrees Fahrenheit. This hot flame consequently melts the metal faces of the pieces to be welded, causing the molten metal to flow between, combine, and form a continuous piece.

Automated welding offers businesses more freedom as their workers can complete multiple tasks at once. For instance, it allows for the loading of one side of a work cell simultaneously as the other side is welding. This ultimately increases the speed of the welding application while also shielding workers from dangerous welding fumes and glare.When deciding to automate and choose which robot is best for your arc welding needs, consider the Arc Mate 100iC series.

The FANUC ARC Mate 100iBe answers the call for precision and peak productivity for your next arc welding job.FANUC thoughtfully designed all elements of this system to enhance product quality and output. This is seen with the incredible reach/stroke ratio of 1,373 mm reach to 985 mm stroke. In addition, the high-six-axis speeds and condensed wrist design help to minimize air cut times.

The FANUC R-2000iA/210F is a six-axis, heavy duty industrial robot that has a light, fast, and compact arm, none of which sacrifice its great reach or high payload. The R-2000iA/210F is a hard worker with an industry leading payload capacity, tackling any payload up to 210 kg and a reach of 2650mm. It is a multipurpose robot used for a variety of applications across all sorts of industries. It can be used for spot welding, part transfer, material removal, and dispensing.

The FANUC R-2000iB/125L brings you one of the best cost performance robots with its intelligence, reach, reliability, and versatility. It is a six axes, heavy payload (up to 125 kg), intelligent industrial robot integrated for versatile applications with up-to-date expertise.

The FANUC R2000iA/165R is a six-axis, high performance, rack-mount robot ideal for shelf installations. It works from an elevated position to enable it to reach a lower level. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as spot welding, general assembly, palletizing, loading and unloading of parts, material handling, and pick and place.The R-2000iA/165R’s outstanding mechanical features offer a generous payload capacity at 165kg and an extended reach at 3095mm.

Robotic welders take the cake when it comes to reliability and efficiency for repetitive welding tasks. They also offer a direct route to an increase in profits and reduction in costs when manufacturing products for a range of processes such as arc  welding, MIG  welding, TIG  welding, laser welding and spot  welding.RobotWorx has extensive experience in working with welding robots and specializes in creating affordable welding systems.

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