Why People Choose Us For Service

Maintenance and repairs are critical for extending your robot’s life cycle and keeping downtime to a minimum. If you’re equipment needs serviced, you can get relief knowing that RobotWorx has been repairing, servicing, and reconditioning robots for over 25 years.


With RobotWorx, not only do you receive fast and professional quality service, but you get that service conveniently at an affordable price. 

industrial robot repair and maintenance

What exactly separates us from other service providers? Choosing RobotWorx offers you the security of services done by professionals, at an affordable price. Here is what you can expect when choosing one of our service programs:

Professional Quality

Making sure your robot is being serviced by a qualified expert is extremely important. Our technicians have a total of over 50 years of experience with our partnered robotic brands. In addition, they regularly attend training, offered by our partnered OEMs, to stay current on the latest technology, robot models, safety standards, and integration practices.

Fast & Affordable

We understand that time is money. Waiting for equipment to be repaired or serviced can cost your company valuable time and may lead to expensive labor. Our company is known for extremely fast service. This is due to our focus on optimizing efficiency. Along with our affordable rates, our experienced technicians are able to complete the job quickly without unnecessary expenses.

Easy & Convenient

RobotWorx is located in Marion, Ohio; just north of Columbus. Because we’re a local integrator, you’ll save on time and shipping costs. Connecting with us is easy because we believe in the importance of developing strong relationships with each one of our customers. Whether it’s in person at our facility, over the phone, or online, one of our staff members will assist you with getting the service you need quickly and conveniently. 


RobotWorx is an RIA Certified Integrator. This gives you the assurance that you’re working with knowledgeable qualified professionals. In addition to quality work, all of the parts used to repair your robots, here at RobotWorx, are purchased straight from our partnered OEMs. Safety is one of our company’s top concerns, for both our employees and yours. Not only do our technicians follow repairs by the book, but each robot goes through rigorous safety and electrical inspections, before being shipped back. Additionally, our repair and service warranty gives you protection even after your robot leaves our facility.


RobotWorx's repair and service programs are a time efficient, affordable, and trustworthy option when choosing an integrator for your equipment. Because of our experience and professional standards, our service is comparable with OEM’s. Contact us today at 740-251-4312 and feel confident in the people servicing your robots.


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