Benefits of a Pre-Engineered Workcell

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Zach Bond | September 27, 2019

Pre-engineered robotic workcells offer many benefits over custom robotic solutions. With proven performance, pre-engineered workcells deliver quick return on investment (ROI) and high levels of productivity. With nearly all of the design and engineering already completed, these workcells significantly reduce the delivery lead time and resources required for integration, minimizing the initial costs of robotic automation.

RobotWorx RW950

With so many different types of pre-engineered workcells available, it can be a challenge to determine which is the best option for your application.  The RobotWorx applications team has the experience to help you make an informed decision.  When selecting a pre-engineered work cell, there are a few considerations to narrow down your options.

All of the RobotWorx pre-engineered cells come standard with an A side/ B side work zone. Dual work zones allow you to load your parts simultaneously while the robots works in the other. Not all positioners are created equal. With a rotary table positioner similar to our Robotworx RW950, two work zones are standard, however they have the ability to be customized for additional work zones depending on part size and weight. Larger parts and parts with welds on multiple sides of the work piece may be better suited for a headstock/tailstock style positioner with coordinated motion software.  In addition to the positioner, workcells can be designed with multiple robots.  Multiple robots help to decrease cycle time, maintain proper torch angles, and increase the reach on larger parts.

This pre-engineered custom h-frame welding workcell is a great example of all the benefits that can come from a pre-built system. Equipped with tons of features and ready to go, check it out in the video below.

At Robotworx we have pre-engineered cells to complete all of your robotic welding & other material processing needs. If a pre-engineered cell won’t work for your application, Robotworx can design a fully custom work cell to get the job done.  Contact us today for all of your robotic needs. 

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