Chilling Out with AEC Cooling Systems

AEC cooling systems have been leading the way in the industrial world for many years. The AEC cooling systems help to ensure industrial processes do not run above a certain temperature, extending the life and safety of the equipment for years. These systems also control water costs and reduce water consumption up to arund 98%!

Chilling Out with AEC Cooling Systems


For over 60 years, AEC is a company that has been leading the way in plastics’ auxiliary innovation in the industrial world. One of their areas of expertise is process cooling. The company’s process cooling systems are superior and ensure that industrial processes do not run above a certain temperature, which protects the integrity of the equipment.

The AEC cooling towers are just one version of process cooling equipment that AEC provides. These towers are used to push unnecessary heat away from the industrial equipment, cooling it by using the evaporative cooling properties of water. According to AEC, cooling tower systems control water costs by reducing water consumption, sometimes as much as 98%. They also offer resistance to corrosion, and they are energy efficient.

Along with cooling towers, AEC also offers customers a variety of packaged and central chillers for your applications. The packaged chillers have several different models available with a variety of chilling capacities. These models come in air, water, and remote air-cooled, and AEC reports that these chillers have a compact footprint and environmentally-friendly refrigerant. This means that you can cool your automation components while also improving the “green” initiative for your company.

One AEC central chiller model, the GC-series central chiller, is a newer model of modular chiller that is able to support a 300 ton system, and it uses R410a refrigerant, which is chlorine-free and in line with the EPA’s latest guidelines. The system also features electronic sensors that allow the measurement of several different aspects of the process, whil;e providing the technician with a readout so they can monitor any changes or issues. The Trident™ GS Series is the newest offering from AEC and can provide up to 600 tons of chilling capacity. Designed to be modular, units can be installed based upon the process needs of today with the ability to expand with your production needs.

Why are AEC chillers and cooling towers important to RobotWorx? Industrial processes like welding and material removal generate quite a bit of heat during operation, and require cooling in the room, especially on those hot days. With AEC cooling towers and chilling systems, your industrial area will stay cool while your robots ramp up your workflow.

Are you interested in learning more about cooling systems and other systems that help your industrial automation run properly at peak performance? Then you should give RobotWorx a call. We partner with several different companies, like AEC, to ensure that you get the best parts and features for your new or used robotic system.

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