Customized RobotWorx Welding Workcells

RobotWorx experts have created some of the best and most efficient workcells for their customer's over the past 25 years. They have used their knowledge and experience to create some of the best workcells out there, focusing on quality solutions at lower prices. If you are searching for the perfect new or used robotic workcell for your production line, look no further than the ones at RobotWorx.

Customized RobotWorx Welding Workcells

For over 25 years, RobotWorxexperts have listened, studied, and learned what would make the best, most efficient workcell for our customer's production lines. We have used this knowledge and experience to create our own line of RobotWorx workcells. They are all customizable, full of safety features, and sure to enhance your production line quality.

Throughout the entire process we have focused on quality solutions at a lower price, offering both new and reconditioned robots, workcells, and parts. These workcells offer multiple layouts and solutions for several applications, such as arc welding, material handling and material removal; they also can be used for businesses large or small. Purchasing a complete workcell through RobotWorx offers huge safety benefits and improves product throughput.

RobotWorx Customized Workcells

The RobotWorx Workcell Line Up:


The RW750 workcell is a fixed table compact welding, cutting or trimming system with a single automated up/down door with safety interlock and an arc glare window. It measures at 1525 mm wide x 2560 mm deep, but with peripherals (HMI, operator station, door motor) it can be as wide as 2200 mm. This compact workcell is great for tight floor plans or smaller parts. Some of the more popular robots used with this workcell are the Motoman UP6, Motoman EA1400, and FANUC ARC Mate 100, but there are other comparable size and types of robots available to integrate into this workcell.


The RW850 workcell is a less expensive option with bi-fold doors to manually open and load parts on and off a fixed table inside. It is surrounded by Troax weld screens to prevent arc glare, sparks or harm from welding applications. The foot print is 1727 mm x 2997 mm. The stationary table measure at 762 mm x 1219.2 mm. Any FANUC, Motoman, ABB, or KUKA robot can be paired with the RW850 workcell.


Featuring a 180-degree manual turn table, the RW900 workcell is the perfect solution to help cut the costs. This cell is fully enclosed with an integrated safety circuit, with a 1524 mm diameter table top. It does not require additional light curtains or an operator floor mat which helps reduce its footprint. The rotating door interlocks before the application is performed and the divider on the table blocks arc glare or any debris (depending on the application) from the operator.


One of our more popular workcells is the RW950. This workcell has a 180-degree indexing table with a common base and forklift pockets making it very easy to move and maneuver. The RW950 can be customized with any small to medium sized robot. There are multiple table sizes available, ranging from 1524 mm (5 ft) to 1828.8 mm (6 ft). The entire system can be enclosed with an arc glare safety fence or whatever other safety needs your production line requires.


The RW1000 is a dual station workcell. A fixed table with a divider provides two work zones, each with automatic up/down doors. Each table is a 609.6 mm square (2' x 2') and the overall footprint of the workcell is 3429 mm x 3035 mm. The robot can perform its set operation on one side of the divider, while the operator unloads and loads the other side.


The RobotWorx RW1050 workcell has a 180-degree automated turn table with a divider in the middle to protect the operator from contact with the robot, arc glare or debris. One side of the table can be loaded and unloaded while the other side is worked on by the robot. Safety is of no concern with the RW1050's rigid steel beam enclosure, hard fencing doors with interlocks and an arc-glare divider. Medium-sized robots, like the Motoman EA1400 or FANUC Arc Mate 100iC, are commonly used, but this workcell can be fitted with your choice of FANUC, Motoman, ABB or KUKA robot. This workcell's footprint measures at 4216 mm x 2261 mm.


Our newest, zero-waste version of the RW950 workcell. The RW0 has forklift pockets with a stripped down connector plate, instead of the common base. This keeps the distance between the robot and positioner consistent, while greatly reducing cost and weight!

All of these workcells can be customized with FANUC, Yaskawa Motoman, KUKA, and ABB robots. We can also integrate them with either new or used robots. Most manufacturers require you to buy a new robot to be placed inside of a their pre-designed workcell, so this gives more options when searching for the right setup and budget.

To get started customizing your RobotWorx workcell, contact representatives today online or at 740-251-4312.

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