Environmentally-Friendly Robots

A robot can reduce large amounts of waste during the application process, helping to improve the environment. This helps to decrease the pollutants in the air, on the earth, and decrease the need to dispose increased waste. Robots can also be refurbished to like new condition which also demonstrates how one can reuse the materials in a way to benefit the earth.

Environmentally-Friendly Robots


When people think about robots, all they tend to think about are these hard, metal monsters that work in factories surrounded by more metal, concrete and brick. However, did you know that even robots are trying to become more environmentally-friendly? As companies continue to go “green,” robots are leading the way as friends to the environment outside their concrete walls.

One of the easiest examples of their friendliness to the environment is a robot’s ability to reduce the amount of waste during their application processes. For example, when a robot is painting an item, it uses less paint to cover the work piece than any manual application would apply. This means that less paint is used, and less is wasted. Wasted paint, along with other pollutants have to be properly disposed of so they do not leak into ground water, and the use of less paint means less paint, which means less of a chance of contamination.

There is also the market for used robots, probably demonstrating the most environmentally-friendly aspect of all. Companies like Robots.com buy used robots from other companies, and they use processes like dry ice blasting to clean the robots, which does not waste water, and then they repair them and get them out to other consumers. This ability to reuse machinery means that the pieces will not end up in a dump somewhere. Also, Robots.com sell robots from companies like Fanuc, Motoman, KUKA, Universal Robots, and ABB, uses old robots that are no longer able to work. They are able to reuse pieces of the robot, like the base, to make a base for work cell positioners. This type of recycling is also friendly to the environment.

So, are you trying to go green? Would you like to know more about Robots.com and the used robots they have available? If so, contact Robots.com online or at 877-762-6881.