Keep Your Robot Running Seamlessly with RobotWorx VG-1 Grease


One of best things you could do for your robots is to conduct consistent and proper maintenance routines. This includes proper lubrication of your robot parts. Proper lubrication will not only help to save your robot energy but will also help to extend the life span of your robot’s components. Lubrication will smooth and cushion all of the surfaces that are in contact, maintaining laminar flow.

There is typically a critical temperature above which lubricants no longer form a strong and effective coating that sticks to the parts they are touching, resulting in a decrease in performance and perhaps even a seizure of processing.  The thinner a lubricant becomes the more likely a machine is to seize up.  Choosing the proper lubricant includes understanding the speeds, powers, and maximum and minimum temperatures, and a balance between performance, efficiency, and durability. 

One of our trademark, go-to greases is our RobotWorx Synthetic Lubricant; RW Tribolube VG-1.  The Tribolube VG-1 is a lithium-soap-thickened synthetic grease with excellent extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-rust, and oxidation resistance properties. This also helps to produce a long service life.  It has a base-oil of synthetic hydrocarbon oils & mineral oil.  Below you can see more characteristics of the Tribolube VG-1.

The Tribolube VG-1 was designed as a lubricant for a variety of planetary gearbox systems.  The RWVG-1 is an aerospace oil that is specifically designed to function extremely well, without exception, at a wide range of operating temperatures. This great lubricant must function exceedingly well at a range of -40ºC to 180ºC. This ensures that at the start-up and even after hours of running, the components of your robotic system will be coated, lubricated, and smoothly running. An aerospace product is going to be accompanied with much greater scrutiny and inspection, so you can expect the best of the best. 

For more information at the RW Tribolube VG-1 grease, or any other parts we offer, contact RobotWorx experts online or at 740-251-4312.

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