Motoman UP6 Provides Compact Versatility


One of the biggest problems with industrial robots is the amount of room they need to operate. When shop space is at a premium, many companies simply cannot find a room to add an advanced piece of robotic equipment to their manufacturing process. Luckily for these companies, the Motoman UP6 not only has the class's widest work envelope, it is also incredibly easy to find room on a factory floor for thanks to its compact design. Although primarily designed for welding stations, the versatility of this machine means that it can actually be put to a number of different uses.

With the 6 kg payload and a 6 axis design, the Motoman UP6 is capable of working in incredibly close proximity to other equipment and tools as well as parts. This machine is not only compact; it is also designed to function efficiently and incredibly quickly. It is even possible to add two or three of these devices to a single area without having to worry since they have advanced collision avoidance features integrated right into the design. It is easy to understand why Motoman is quickly becoming one of the top robotics manufacturers in the world.

While other companies have been around for decades, Motoman has rocketed to success in just a little over 20 years thanks to their innovative design and cutting-edge technology. With almost 30,000 robots installed worldwide, the Motoman UP6 only adds to the reputation of quality and dependability that the products from this company are renowned for. This particular robot is designed especially to excel at arc weldingmig welding, and tig welding. In addition to welding applications, it can also be used for material handling and even pick and place applications.

If a versatile and high-quality robot is what your company needs, it is almost impossible to go wrong with a Motoman UP6. This particular robot can improve the productivity and efficiency of any manufacturing facility. Regardless of what product your company produces, this robot can handle a variety of applications and can earn its keep in a way that few other robots can. When reliability and performance are the primary determining factors as to whether or not a robot fits your needs, a Motoman robot always delivers. These devices can be purchased new or fully refurbished and can even be leased if owning a device is not the right choice for you and your company.

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