One Stop Shop for ABB Robot Controllers

RobotWorx takes pride in their new and used robots and controllers they have to offer their customers. ABB robot controllers help complete the robot system, directing and guiding robot to the correct place and time. If you are interested in integrating or upgrading an ABB system, contact RobotWorx experts today.

One Stop Shop for ABB Robot Controllers

ABB Robot Controller

RobotWorx is an authorized integrator for ABB Robotics and is proud to offer a wide variety of ABB robots and controllers to best meet all of their customer's needs. Representatives at RobotWorx take pride in all of their products; this page will give you an overview of the new and used ABB controller options RobotWorx offers for their customers.

ABB S4C Controller

Description: The ABB S4C controller is a compact, configurable, modular system that delivers superior performance. It offers levels of user-adaptability, performance and reliability unequaled by other systems. The S4C can be configured to match your specific needs, from a single robot system to complete large-scale factory automation systems.

With fast acceleration rates, the S4C utilizes QuickMove functions to ensure the highest possible acceleration and deceleration of axes without deviation from the path. TrueMove functions provide the best path accuracy and reliability with excellent speed holding. Optimized path following is also achieved for external axes by using feed-forward control. The highest levels of speed and accuracy are delivered with total consistency under all conditions.


  • Multi-processor system
  • 32 bit with floating point
  • Up to 24 MB RAM memory
  • Up to 35,000 instructions
  • Self optimizing
  • Completely coordinated
  • 12 axes interpolation
  • 7-frame coordinate chain
  • Corner path concept
  • Automatic singularity handling

ABB S4C Plus Controller

Description: With easy set up for a wide range of applications and the ability to work with all ABB robots, the S4C plus controller give superior motion control. Cooling fans, battery, temperature, and supply voltages all help to make the S4Cplus give superior performance with easy maintenance. Additionally, the S4C+ allows for easy and fast integration of additional hardware and is suited for harsh environments, all the while offering superior performance.

ABB IRC5 Controller

Description: ABB's fifth generation robot controller, the IRC5, sets new standards with its modular concept. It features a completely new ergonomically designed portable interface unit and the FlexPendant. It is capable of fully synchronizing multiple (up to four) robot controls though the MultiMove function.

The modularity of the IRC5 is a major step forward in robot control with a logical split of functions into control, axis drives and process control. This flexibility makes it possible to optimize cell layouts and to upgrade or replace one module with minimal interference to the others. ABB's motion control technology is the key to the robot's performance in terms of accuracy, speed, cycle-time, ease of programming, and synchronization with external devices. The path accuracy of TrueMove and the short cycle time of QuickMove are corner stones of these user benefits. The addition of MultiMove strengthens ABB's lead in advanced robot systems and functionality that enables the coordinated operation of up to four robots in a cell.


  • Multi-processor system, Pentium CPU
  • PCI bus, USB memory
  • Flash disk or hard disk for mass memory
  • Energy back-up for power failure handling
  • Object-oriented design
  • High-level RAPID robot programming language
  • PC-DOS file format
  • RobotWare software products
  • Pre-loaded software

ABB IRC5P Controller

Description: ABB brings the newest line of paint robot control systems that will be perfect for your paint shop. The ABB IRC5P Controller helps to increase your paint process and decrease cycle times while also saving paint and resources. The IRC5P also helps to reduce installation time as it can adjust to the current configuration of your application. The FlexPaint Pendant is very user-friendly and it can be used to test and calibrate the paint process, program the robot, and test the programs. Furthermore, there is an automatic start-up diagnosis, extensive process diagnosis, and fast error log filter that help to keep your maintenance costs low and your up-time high.

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