Robofuel for Automated Robotic Refueling

​​The Robofuel system created by Scott Automation+Robotics helps to reduce the risk of environmental contamination while also removing human workers from harm's way. Robotfuel is paired with ABB or KUKA robots, and helps to increase the productive hours and efficiency when compared to human operated trucks. Furthermore, there is no local operator required for the refueling to occur, further reducing the labor costs.

Robofuel for Automated Robotic Refueling

Robotic fueling trucks

The existing mining refueling process faces many challenges and risks to workers on a daily basis. The trucks spend a lot of time driving to manual, supervised refueling stations. This is a tedious, timely task that must be overseen on-site and ultimately causes lost production abilities as fuel farms are often located off circuit, outside the mine site. Also, fuel operators have to deal with the danger of working around the truck’s wheel base while refueling and the possible exposure to a hazardous liquid.

Scott Automation+Robotics, has created an innovative solution: Robofuel. Robofuel is an automated refueling system paired with an ABB or KUKArobot for optimal performance. The position and orientation of the truck’s fuel tank and nozzle are established and coupled by revolutionary vision sensing and detection systems. This significantly minimizes any risk of environmental contamination.

For mining haul trucks, Robofuel increases productive hours and efficiency of trucks while also reducing on-site costs. No local operator is required for the refueling that is able to happen “on the circuit” or “in-pit” significantly reducing drive time. Trucks are able to complete up to one additional cycle per shift depending on the refueling network in place.

Robofuel can work outside of the mining industry as well. It is currently being used in mobile applications such as replenishment of drills and excavators and in road, rail, marine, and aviation services.

As you can see, Robofuel will help solve the challenges your company is facing today with these amazing added benefits:

  • Cost: Robofuel can significantly decrease costs for your company as there is no local operator required for refueling; supervising can all be conducted from a remote operations center. You will also be increasing product output with an additional cycle per shift.
  • Productivity: With this system your company will have an overall faster operation and improved fuel turnaround time due to the increased flow rate. You will also have a better utilization of the truck fleet without the added time driving on and off the circuit.
  • Flexibility: To further enable growth of your company, Robofuel offers remote refueling skids that can be relocated to optimal positions as the mine workings develop. There are also options available for deployment on circuit for the fuel farm or on mobile tankers.
  • Safety: Worker's are protected from dangers with Robofuel by eliminating hazardous exposure to flammable liquid, decreasing risks for collisions, and minimizing spills and environmental contamination.

It is easy to see how Robofuel will quickly offer you the ability to quantify advancements in productivity while optimizing a cost base and an efficient business operation. Our sister company, Scott Automation & Robotics, excels at this robotic application. Contact our RobotWorx representatives today and we will pair you with an expert to begin the process towards the best decision you've ever made; 740-251-4312 or fill out this form for more information.

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