Robot Installation with Turnkey Systems


RobotWorx offers a complete automation solution for any company desiring to improve their production.  When a workcell is purchased from RobotWorx, the customer can expect a turnkey system that is set up, programmed to the precise needs of the application and production line, and ready to immediately roll out quality products after delivery.  

A turnkey system varies per customer and application but will include everything necessary to complete the job on the production line.  This includes the EOAT, safety packages, work cell, power-source, and the RobotWorx Value Package

While the cost of an entire work cell seems higher initially, it will ultimately save the customer a substantial amount of money as it includes everything  the customer needs for their specific needs and application. This will help to  reduce downtime, errors, and manual labor costs while also increasing the  safety and overall quality of the product. 

Once the turnkey system is ready for integration,  RobotWorx technicians re-test and perfect performance, making sure everything is working smoothly before it ships out. If the customer is interested in learning how to conduct the installation process on their own, RobotWorx offers free robot training at its Marion, Ohio facility.  Our team of experts will spend time teaching the  new owners of the system how to easily set up and operate the system. 

Turnkey workcells are shipped as full units or in large, easy-to-assemble parts. Upon arrival at the customer's facility, the installation process is often as simple as connecting cables, securing safety structures and bolting down the robot(s). In order to obtain your complete automation solution, customers need to provide their own  shipping.  Occasionally, RobotWorx representatives can go to a factory in the United States to install it, for an additional fee. 

RobotWorx representatives are available by phone M-F 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST for additional help. Visit RobotWorx to learn how to install, program, and troubleshoot with your robotic turnkey system.  Contact the sales department for more information online or at 740-251-4312.

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