Robot technology improves at OSUM with partnership

The partnership with RobotWorx and OSUM has helped bring a hands-on robotic opportunity for hundreds of high school, college, and adult students. RobotWorx is proud to partner with these organizations and enable actual training on robotic equipment.

Robot technology improves at OSUM with partnership


The Ohio State University at Marion partnered with RobotWorx, a local robotics integrator in Marion, Ohio, to bring unique robotic technology program opportunities to students in the area.

RobotWorx donated two Motoman SK-6 industrial robots to OSUM in 2012 that are being utilized in the early engineering program offered at OSUM. The regional campus now offers courses for year one and two engineering majors.

The SK6 robots are versatile, creating many learning opportunities for OSUM and Marion Technical College students. One of the SK6 robots can perform arc welding applications while the other is designed to grip material. These are tasks similar to those found in robotics applications in today’s manufacturing industry.

The robotics technology at OSUM, along with the robotics programs at RAMTEC in Marion, gives hundreds of high school, college and adult students the opportunity to train on actual robotic equipment and gain the skills necessary to compete in the ever-changing manufacturing workplace.

RobotWorx has partnered with these organizations because of the importance of hands-on education in the industrial robotics field. While it is important to have book knowledge of robotics, it is the hands-on, real life experience that attracts employers. When students graduate with these skills, they have the advantage of being able to obtain higher paying jobs than their counterparts.

RobotWorx, is a certified integrator of FANUC, Motoman, KUKA, Universal Robots, and ABB robotics. Our company helps customers design and customize systems that fit all of their industrial automated application needs. Whether you need a welding, material handling or material removal system, RobotWorx has the system for you. For more information on the automation of your industrial processes, contact RobotWorx today online or at 740-251-4312.

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