Robotics Safety


Safety is one of the most important things to think about when considering robotic industrial automation. Manufacturers need to think not only about how their workers will be able to function around the robot being integrated, but also about how the robot can raise the level of safety for the workers in the shop.

When manufacturers bring a robot into a workspace, it is important that workers know how to operate the robot, and how to operate around it safely. Robots operate with enough force and speed to severely injure or kill a person if they enter the work area at the wrong time. Work spaces need to be clearly marked, so each of your workers knows what floor space is out of bounds when the robot is operating. Many times, a short safety training session is all that is necessary to make sure that workers are aware of the robot. This will save manufacturers from possible injuries and production slowdowns later down the road.

However, while a robot may seem like it is “dangerous,” in reality, a robot that has the safety features available is not only safe, but it will also keep workers safe. There are many applications that can be detrimental to the health of workers. Some of these applications include paintingcoating, fiberglass cuttingdeburring and grinding. When workers are too close to these applications, they can inhale harmful fumes or particles that can affect the brain, lungs, eyes and skin. Robots do not have these same safety issues. With a robotic system in place, your workers will be too far from the work zone to be affected by these issues. This is another way that robots help manufacturers stave off production slowdown or interruption due to injury or illness.

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