RobotWorx – a certified FANUC integrator

RobotWorx is proud to be a certified integrator for FANUC robotics. Our experts can integrate a robot system or workcell by FANUC onto your production line, customized to your exact needs. Being a certified integrator means that RobotWorx has access to a wide range of robots and controllers. Our customers also have access to the latest in FANUC robotics technology.

RobotWorx – a certified FANUC integrator


Robotic integration is the process of customizing a robot system or workcell so that it fits all of a customer’s specifications. RobotWorx is a certified FANUC integrator, as well as an integrator for several other companies.

The first advantage to being an integrator for FANUC is that RobotWorx has access to robots and controllers across the FANUC spectrum. We have access to robots that drill, weld, route, package, palletize, along with several other industrial robot applications. You name it, the FANUC robot models we have can do it.

As a certified FANUC integrator, RobotWorx is also able to gain access to the latest in FANUC robotics technology for our customers. This means that not only can we sell new and refurbished FANUC robots, we can also customize them with the latest features – including vision and sensors. This ensures that the robotic systems our customers buy are top of the line and meet every robotic standard.

Along with robot systems, RobotWorx also has the privilege, as a FANUC integrator, to customize workcells for our customers. These FANUC workcells are able to do one or a series of tasks, which promotes a leaner manufacturing process, which is especially helpful in facilities with limited space.

RobotWorx, one of many FANUC integrators across the globe, has a mission to help our customers obtain the right FANUC system for their facility. Sometimes that means a floor or wall-mounted robot, sometimes that means a gantry robot and sometimes that means an entire workcell to perform an application.

Whatever your FANUC robotics need, RobotWorx can help. Our highly-skilled engineers, technicians and salespeople will work with you to customize your FANUC product to your exact needs. This includes not only selecting the robot, but also the FANUC controller, the power supply, the end-of-arm-tooling, etc. RobotWorx is a one-stop shop for all your robotic needs.

For more information about integration of FANUC robotics, contact RobotWorx today online or at 740-251-4312.

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