RobotWorx Has Been Acquired by Scott Technology Limited

RobotWorx was acquired by Scott Technology Limited of New Zealand to help expand their robotic reach across the globe. In turn, Scott can grow their presence in North America and help to increase their industrial robotic offerings. RobotWorx is proud of this partnership and looks forward to continuing to offer industrial robotic technologies around the world.

RobotWorx Has Been Acquired by Scott Technology Limited


We are pleased to announce that RobotWorx has been acquired by a New Zealand based, publicly listed engineering and automation company, Scott Technology Limited in May 2014. Scott Technology Ltd. has been in business for over 100 years, and specializes in automated equipment for mining laboratories, superconductivity, appliance systems, and meat processing automation. With the acquisition of RobotWorx, they can now expand into industrial automation applications, and grow their presence in North America. With the acquisition of RobotWorx, they can now expand their industrial automation offering and grow their presence in North America.


This is an exciting acquisition with great strategic potentials for both companies. RobotWorx has been one of the most well-known integrators in North America, with an internet presence that dominants its competitor’s worldwide. We have the capability of integrating multiple manufacturers’ robots, such as FANUC, Motoman, Kuka, Universal Robots, and ABB, and have installed thousands of successful robotic installations for applications ranging from welding to palletizing.

RobotWorx has been in business for over 22 years and is unique from all other integrators in the industry. While most robot integrators in North America focus on the automotive industry, RobotWorx is more diverse. However, applications such as the sorting of recycling materials, food labeling, and pick packing of food have been outside of our expertise. With Scott’s knowledge in these and other areas, the collaboration of the two companies can expand the solutions we are able to provide. RobotWorx also receives over 270,000 foreign visits yearly to the main website that we have not been able to cater to in the past, due to location. These foregone opportunities show great potential to be converted into engineered solutions with the skills contributed by Scott.

The robot industry is expected to grow substantially, due to its promising output of high quality products at a lower price. With the ability to offer robotic automation for a wide variety of industries, RobotWorx and Scott Technology have the adequate ability to tap into this profitable growing market.

RobotWorx’ CEO, Keith Wanner, has been working closely with Scott Technology Ltd to ensure a smooth transition. In addition, RobotWorx’ engineers, robot technicians, and other employees are working well with the Scott’s team and are excited for what’s to come.

RobotWorx appreciates its customers and will continue to work with them and help enhance their automation solutions. The main difference is we will be able to provide a wider variety of solutions than before. The combination of two different markets will take Scott Technology and RobotWorx to the next level.


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