RobotWorx Welding Package

RobotWorx takes pride in their customer service and knowledge of robotic systems after being in business for over 25 years. The RobotWorx welding packages are able to help increase your overall productivity while keeping things affordable, providing companies across the globe with a competitive edge. RobotWorx welding packages include a perfect tailored system to the unique needs of the customer with the choice of a robot, power source, weld torch and wire feeder; contact the experts today to get started.

RobotWorx Welding Package

Robotic welding systems can help companies increase their productivity and weld quality while also lowering their costs and providing them with a competitive edge. There are many options of pre-engineered or customized welding systems to choose from. Each are perfectly tailored to the unique needs of a production line and product specifications. After being in the business for over 25 years, the experts and engineers at RobotWorx know just what it takes to enhance your welding operation. Each welding package from RobotWorx includes your choice of a power source, weld torch, and wire feeder.

Welding Robot for Manufacturing

Power Source

Choosing the right power source for your application is a very important decision. Our team takes pride in our customer service and ability to listen to the precise requirements for you production needs. We are happy to make recommendations based on the robot selected and the application required.

There are a variety of power supply manufacturers and models available through RobotWorx. Lincoln Electric, Miller Welding, and Fronius are the most frequently used MIG welding power supplies.

  • Lincoln Electric: Lincoln Electric offers a variety of options, including maximum arc performance across a variety of automated welding applications with their Power Wave robotic power sources. Combined with Waveform Control Technology, these power sources are engineered with an advanced remote monitoring capability that can keep you in total control of your robotic welding process, anytime and anywhere! They are capable of complex, high speed and high performance waveform control.
  • Miller Electric: Another leader in the welding industry, Miller Electric, is leading the welding industry with their advanced, solution-focused products. They are focused on continuous improvement of the overall welding application, including the increase of the welding safety environment. They provide power sources that offer the perfect combination of strength and refinement to get the job done correctly every time. It is hard to find the level of responsiveness that Miller provides with their product quality and customer support.
  • Fronius: Fronius power sources provide intelligent and powerful solutions where quality, speed, precision and efficiency are of utmost importance. They offer innovative technologies and high-quality, long-lasting components that work in perfect harmony with each other. Their power supplies can offer amazing solutions from for MIG/MAG or TIG welding, Laser Hybrid welding or resistance spot welding.

Welding Torch

The welding torch is very application and product specific, so choosing the right torch is important! There are a variety of different models and brands available through RobotWorx, from Binzel to Tregaskiss and a variety of others. The project team that helps put your package together will listen to your needs and then provide specifics for individual options, making sure you end up with the perfect torch.

The welding industry is seeing more through-arm instead of over-arm robotic guns. Through-arm welding torches are beneficial as the cable runs through the arm of the robot. This helps to increase the overall durability of the system as the cable is now protected and less prone to wear. Through-arm robotic guns also provide a smaller work envelope as they don’t require a mounting arm. This helps provide a solution for applications that need to be carried out in tight spaces. RobotWorx representatives will work with you to select the best welding torch available.

Wire Feeder

A wire feeder will help to increase the efficiency of your welding application. It feeds a spool of wire at a constant rate to the weld joint. Typically, these are mounted onto a fixture in a factory/industrial setting in conjunction with a separate power source. When choosing a wire feeder for the first time, there are a variety of factors to consider.

The type of wire feeder you choose will be dependent on the power source selected. They are paired with three basic categories of DC power sources: Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Current (CC), or one with both, CV/CC. CV power sources are dedicated for wire welding, typically MIG or flux cored processes. CC usually tackle Stick or TIG welding, but a wire feeder can be added. CC/CV power sources can perform all three processes (1).

Wire feeders come in two categories, constant speed or voltage sensing (1). The constant speed wire feeder is used with a CV power source. The voltage is set at the power source while the wire feed speed (which controls amperage) is set at the constant speed feeder (1). A voltage sensing wire feeder can be paired with either a CC or CV power source. The representatives at RobotWorx will happily talk you through all of these points and help guide you in choosing the best option.

Recommended Options by RobotWorx Experts

There are plenty of recommended options to improve your welding process. Whether you are looking for additional safety features, torch cleaning station, or a specific software, we are the right integrator who specializes in creating proper robotic welding systems. Include additional features you are looking for in the details portion of your request quote form to help expedite the order process by letting our sales and engineer teams know that you wish to discuss these welding package specifics.

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The team of engineers and experts at RobotWorx take pride in not only the robotic systems and options we have available, but also our relationships with our customers. We work hard to make sure all of the needs are perfectly met and the solution chosen truly will enhance the production line. Overall, our company maintains a lot of flexibility with all of the options we provide and are happy to customize solutions for customers. We look forward to working with you and selecting the best welding package to enhance your product.

RobotWorx is excited to work with future and current customers to help solve difficult and complex tasks; ultimately offering solutions to create a perfectly tailored, completely customized system. The experts will plan, develop, commission and train their customers to set them up for success. Contact us online or give us a call at 740-251-4312.

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