The best applications for a 3D laser vision system


Industrial robots can perform dozens of different applications, and some production lines may require several different applications before a product is finished. So, how do you decide where to integrate a 3D laser vision system? What applications would benefit the most from that kind of technology? Here are a list of a few applications that could benefit highly from the integration of a laser vision system with 3D.

Many experts believe that 3D vision systems using laser are best suited for material handling applications. As a matter of fact, the first three on the list are part of that family of applications – bin picking, packaging and loading.

Bin picking is one of the most common uses for a laser vision system with three dimensional technology. Bin picking is exactly what it sounds like – picking parts out of a bin. This may seem simple enough, but when you employ 3D vision laser systems, the robot takes on a whole new life. It can distinguish colors and sizes of parts to make sure it picks out the right pieces needed for that part of production.

Vision systems that have 3D lasers are vital in the packaging areas of a production line, especially in places like the food industry where there is no set pattern or repeating position. These products end up in several different orientations and have to be picked up and placed in packages in the right orientation, without being damaged. By using pictures of what the item should look like, 3D vision laser systems can orient the piece and put it where it needs to go.

The same can be said for loading machine tools and other part loading applications. The robot has to be able to use the depth perception of the laser vision 3D system to decipher which way the tools should be loaded or unloaded.

While some experts do believe that vision systems are only helpful for material handling applications, as mentioned above, it is becoming more and more evident that laser vision systems, especially those that have three-dimensional capabilities, are becoming more helpful in welding applications as well.

Vision in welding can help the robot adapt to small changes in the components being welded. Unlike the human eye, a 3D laser vision system can detect the smallest changes in components and can change the path accordingly.

So, reading all this about 3D vision laser systems has you hooked, right? You want to know who you need to speak with to get this kind of technology integrated into your facility? That’s easy. Contact RobotWorx. They are partners with big names in the industrial robotics industry like FANUCMotomanABBUniversal Robots, and KUKA. These partnerships give them access to up-to-date laser vision systems, even those with 3D technology.

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