The Fanuc M20iA/20M Robot

Fanuc has been a leader in the robotic industry for over 40 years. They continue to innovate, creating some of the best robots in the industry as seen with the Fanuc M20iA/20M. The M-20iA/20M is an incredibly efficient and versatile robot that can complete a wide range of material removal or material handling tasks. It is also flexible, able to accomplish a variety of applications with a simple change in tooling.

The Fanuc M20iA/20M Robot


Fanuc Robotics is one of the leaders in the robotics industry worldwide. Over 40 years, Fanuc has been continually innovating and creating some of the best robots in the industry. One of the newest robots in the line, the Fanuc M20iA/20M, is a testament to the value that is Fanuc Robotics. This robot has the efficiency and versatility that people look for in a Fanuc product.

The Fanuc M-20iA/20M is a robot that can fulfill almost any material removal or material handling process that a manufacturer can dish out. The robot is flexible enough to be able to perform several different applications, like picking, packaging, drilling, and grinding, as well as other applications. The only thing that the M 20iA-20M requires is a change in tooling to complete each task. This means that manufacturers can cut down on the amount of equipment they need in their shop, while also streamlining their process.

Another benefit of purchasing the Fanuc M20iA-20M is the hollow arm that integrates cabling, cutting down on wear and tear to the cabling, while also making it easier to perform routine maintenance on the robot. By integrating the cables into the hollow arm, the M 20iA 20M allows the manufacturer to save money on replacing cables that are usually subjected to wear and tear outside of the robot.

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