The Fast Cutting Speeds Achieved with ABB Plasma Cutting Robots


If you are looking for a lower cost alternative to laser or oxy-fuel cutting, you may want to consider plasma cutting robots. ABB Robotics makes a variety of plasma cutting robots, and there are many used models on the market as well, to cut costs even further. However, the cost is not the only advantage to buying a plasma cutting robot from ABB. The speed of the robotic system far outperforms any manual system already in place.

Hands down, plasma arc cutting robots are some of the fastest automated cutting systems on the market today, especially when dealing with thicker metals. An ABB plasma cutter can cut steel, up to 50mm thick, faster than an oxy-fuel cutter. It can also cut at greater speeds than a laser cutter in 3mm steel, according to INOX Service. With these increases in speed, an ABB robotic plasma cutter can pay for itself in as little as six months.

This increase in productivity does not come at the sacrifice of accuracy or quality when it comes to the parts being cut. Parts are cut at a higher rate of accuracy than could ever be achieved by a manual cutting system. By using these robots, manufacturers can decrease cutting errors and the amount of waste produced during production. This means that manufacturer will not only save on labor costs, but material as well, which only increases the return on investment.

Are you interested in learning more about ABB plasma cutting robots and what they can do for your production process? If you would like more information, give RobotWorx a call! RobotWorx is a certified integrator for ABB Robotics, and our staff will work with you to help you find the best plasma cutting robotic system for your facility.

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