The RJ3iC and R-30iA Robot Controllers – Different Names, Same Controller

​FANUC Robotics has released a wide range of controllers that are easy to use and boost productivity and efficiency on your production line: The names of the RJ3iC and the R-30iA controllers are the only thing that is different. Both have 40 axes of motions, improved vision functionalirty, and are light-weight. The RJ3iC and the R-30iA also have a large screen to help increase the vision and are user-friendly.

The RJ3iC and R-30iA Robot Controllers – Different Names, Same Controller


FANUC Robotics has released many different controllers over the last 30+ years to act as the “brain” of their robots. As the technology became more advanced, FANUC had to improve the functionality of their controllers so the robots could perform more fluidly. In 2006, FANUC released the RJ3iC controller. Later that year, they released the R-30iA controller. While these controllers have different names, they are the same controller.

As mentioned above, the RJ3iC was released by FANUC in 2006, and the name was later changed to R-30iA. The names of the controllers seem to be one of the only difference between the two systems. The only other real difference is the cabinet size. Both the RJ3iC and the R-30iA are offered as full cabinets. However, the R-30iA also offers the R-30iA Mate, which is a compact, stackable version of the R-30iA.

Both controllers can control up to 40 axes of motion, including 4 robots and another 16 auxiliary axes. Both systems have improved vision system functionality, with 2-D vision systems that can be upgraded to 3-D. The teach pendants of both the R-30iA and the RJ3iC are ergonomically designed – light weight, with a large screen to prevent eye strain. Plus, they also have touch screens that make them more user-friendly.

All in all, the RJ3iC and the R-30iA have many similarities because they are basically the same system. One more thing they have in common? They carry the FANUC name and the tradition of quality and reliability that comes with it.

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