The RW950 Robotic Workcell: High Quality At A Great Price

RobotWorx has developed their own line of robot workcells to provide more options for our customers.  The RW950 workcell is one of our most popular selling cells because of its diversity and customization options.

You won’t sacrifice quality with this lower priced robotic workcell. Everything used to build the RW950 cell itself is brand new. It can be paired with a new industrial robot, however one of the best cost-cutting features of this cell is the ability to incorporate a used, fully reconditioned robot.

RobotWorx RW950 Low Cost Robotic Workcell

The RobotWorx RW950 is a 180-degree indexing turntable with a divider wall used to separate the operator from the robot arm performing a set task. Table sizes range from 5 Ft to 6 Ft, however this workcell can also be customzed with headstock and tailstock options to give more part positioning abilities.

Another benefit of the RW950 is the ability to customize tooling and easily repurpose or change the tooling out, based on it not being fixed or dedicated automation. When one job or specific part run ends, you can quickly remove that tooling and place new tooling on the table. Built to last, our robust tables last for 15 years, giving customers even more return on investment (ROI) long after the initial intended operation has finished.

This workcell is not confined to only welding applications. It can also be used for a large variety of other processes, such as: dispensing, polishing, cutting, assembly, and many more.

Want to save even more money on a workcell? In an effort to reduce waste and cost, ask about the RW0 option of this same workcell. This version replaces the common base with forklift pockets with a stripped down connector plate which keeps the distance between the robot and positioner consistent. You have to break down the system to move it, but it is an easy way to save thousands of dollars.

A lot of times customers purchase a robot system and later question: how they will program it, how will it actually be installed, what if they need parts or service? Purchasing a system through RobotWorx means you get a complete robotic solution. As part of our Value Package, you receive training, a 1-year warranty (to include parts and labor), functionality demonstration and simulations, reconditioning and inspection reports, quick and thorough customer service and support.

The RW950 is a great low-cost, high-quality solution for many companies. Its small footprint provides big benefits with versatility, customization, and extended usability.

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