Three top robotics companies have homes in Ohio

FANUC, Motoman, and KUKA are some of the top three robotic companies that have found their home in Marion, Ohio at RobotWorx. RobotWorx is proud to be a certified integrator for these three companies; helping customers improve their manufacturing line across the globe.

Three top robotics companies have homes in Ohio


Three of the top companies in the robotics industry have found homes in Ohio. While their parent companies reside in Japan and Germany, these companies –FANUC Robotics, Motoman Robotics, and KUKA Robotics – provide not only jobs to Ohio, but also robots to manufacturing companies all over Ohio and the United States.

FANUC Robotics, which started in Japan in the 1970s, specializes in dozens of different robotic applications. Known by the yellow color that most of their robots carry, FANUC robots are known for their material handling abilities, as well as their welding and material removal applications. Their central office is located in Mason, Ohio.

Another robotics company that found its way to Ohio is Motoman Robotics, an extension of Yaskawa Motoman in Japan. The U.S. branch of Motoman has its headquarters in Miamisburg, Ohio. The company provides advanced system groups, PLCs, robotic design solutions, and other robotic systems that can perform the welding, handling and removal of material.

The last of the big three, KUKA Robotics, has a subsidiary, KUKA Toledo Production Operations, located in Toledo, Ohio. KUKA Robotics is derived from the KUKA company that was founded more than 100 years ago in Germany. The company produces robots to perform all kinds of robotic applications, but it has been perfecting welding for over 100 years.

All of these Ohio robot companies are top notch providers, and all three of these companies have robots that can be purchased and customized through RobotWorx. RobotWorx, a certified integrator for FANUC, Motoman and KUKA, along with ABB and Universal Robots, assists customers in designing and customizing the perfect automation system for their production line.

If you would like information about robots from any of the above companies, or you’d like more information about integrating an automation system with RobotWorx, call us today at 740-251-4312 or contact representatives online.

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