Universal Robots Lift Electronics and Technology Industries to a New Level

Universal Robot collaborative arms are providing increased productivity and precision to the electronics and technology industries across the globe. The tech industry relies on automation that can be installed quickly and is reliable for dynamic solutions; furthermore, these Universal Robots offer a very fast ROI, right around 6 months. Universal Robots provide a few different options to provide different solutions for your specific needs, contact RobotWorx experts today to get started with your integration.

Universal Robots Lift Electronics and Technology Industries to a New Level

Universal Industrial Robot

The electronics and technology industries are booming and Universal Robot collaborative arms are ready to provide your production line with increased precision, flexibility, and overall product quality. From design, application, installation, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance, the tech industry relies on automation that can quickly adapt to the dynamic conditions. The robot arms from Universal Robots are the perfect solution for the electronics and tech industries. You will be able to move products through your production line with minimal-no human interaction or contamination. They give companies in the field of electronics and technology the agility to automate practically any manual task while also adding value to your business.

The Universal Robot arms can be integrated quickly and very easily into a variety of electronic and technology productions including lighting, mobile phones, computers, input devices, audio, visual, and more. They can help modulate, mount, and fasten elements on PCBs with 0.1 mm accuracy. These collaborative arms are incredibly affordable for businesses of all sizes as they have the quickest payback in the industry, averaging just over 6 months!

Furthermore, they can save space and be easily re-deployed for multiple applications without the tedious, back-breaking work it takes to change a production layout. They also help to reduce the risk of employee injury as they perform the complex and heavy tasks that require close work with sensitive machinery. Their patented technology enables them to stop at any pre-determined forces when a human enters the work space, maintaining optimal safety.

The benefits that Universal Robot collaborative arms can bring to a company can be seen with an example of how these robots improved Scott Fetzer Electrical Group. SFEG was looking to compete on a more global scale, while also taking advantage of their existing machinery. Their goal was to build a mobile, flexible robot force and after much research they knew that UR arms would be the perfect fit.

SFEG liked that Universal Robots provided the same speed and precision of standard industrial robots, yet had the extra agility to move around and work next to humans. So, the UR5 and UR10 robots were chosen to do the job. They were placed on pedestals with wheels and deployed throughout the sheet metal department, being integrated in the entire production cycle from cutting the initial blank on the blanking press to forming, folding, and final assembly of the electrical components. Staff will help wheel robots over to the specific tasks each day. These robots are able to conduct tedious tasks, such as cutting 16,000 wires daily, a potentially carpal tunnel syndrome inducing job. Or the UR robot armsm will conduct product testing where they can turn a product switch for a minute on and 30 seconds off for 400 hours. An employee at SFEG said that this product tesing job program took about 5 minutes to create.

Their complex, interconnected, mobile system was adapted specifically and purposefully to their needs and allows for huge gains on the production line. Matt Bush, an employee at SFEG also said, “It’s enabled us to actually engage our customer in the testing as well, they’re excited to see us use new technology to push our design faster into production. It gives us an advantage over our competitors thousands of miles away in low-cost source countries. We’re now winning orders against Chinese competitors and bringing back work that used to be sourced in China as well.”

Another task now handled by the mobile UR robot fleet is filling epoxy into circuit boards. “In the past, employees would make up a big batch of circuit boards and they would stand there and manually fill them with two-part epoxy and send them down the curing line. Today, the robot does that all day long enabling us to go to a one-piece flow,” says Bush. “This is an example of an application that would not happen with a stationary robot as we have to move the robot in and out of the cell every day to dismantle the epoxy machine and clean up the cell,” says the Operations Director.

As you can see, the Universal Robot arms are truly the perfect solution for jobs that are requiring versatile environments that need the same precision as standard robots. If you are considering automating your production line, or updating your current one with an incredibly versatile solution that is easy to program, than the Universal Robot arms are right for you. Contact RobotWorx representatives online or at 740-251-4312 to learn more.

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