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ABB Prevents Outsourcing


ABB has a tried and true methodology for sustainable plant performance improvement.  Their processes with realistic assessment ensure safety, reliability, and operational excellence.  ABB starts with the customer’s strategy and future needs, and develops a customization of processes into a maintenance management master plan.  They are there the whole way, from the “birth” of the design phase through the finalized production, regardless of the industry.

/abb.php prevents outsourcing

A single ABB robot reduced the manufacturing cycle of Injection Technology Corporation (Itech) by 23% and helped boost annual revenues by $2 million.  Itech installed the six-axis IRB 4400 robot to automate custom molding of plastic parts like spools, electric meter covers, and dental appliance covers.  Before the ABB robot arrived, two and a half days were used to fill a tractor-trailer with parts.  With the robot’s help, it takes only 27 hours.

Ford Motor Company uses ABB/Braintech Vision Guided Robotics systems.  The system is comprised of an ABB robot and a Braintech VGR software solution for the decking of integrated air/fuel manifolds on engine blocks.  A single camera image guides the robot to pick and assemble heavy engine parts.  ABB and Braintech provide companies like Ford with robotic technologies to increase benefits like lower production costs and quality improvements.

The Specialty Products Division of Briggs & Stratton always needed to outsource its welding until they found a solution in an ABB Flexible Automation robotic welding system.  The company realized the weld difficulty made it more efficient to get a robot than to hire welders.  The division chose the ABB RDS-1400P robotic docking system with a Miller Electric Auto Invision welding power source.  The system includes a six-axis IRB-1400 robotic arm.  ABB worked with the company to put the entire system together by coordinating the components:  the robot, power source, wire feeder, water cooler, fixturing, and indexing table. 

PMS Diecasting automated part of its plant by installing an ABB IRB 140 FoundryPlus six-axis robot to tend a zinc diecasting machine.  The robot cycle is short and simple, and the investment was well justified.  After this piece of automation is complete, plans are in place for an automatic feed for zinc ingots so the entire operation can be automated.

 RobotWorx is an authorized integrator of ABB robots.  We buy and sell new and used robots throughout all of North America.  For more information, contact us at 740-251-4312.