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Angry birds get picked with order picking robots in Finland


Order picking is a common application that is necessary all over the world to put together packs of products to send out to consumers. For example, beverage or bottle companies that have different types of soda going into a case, order pickers can ensure that the right amounts of all three or four different sodas are going to the right place.

KUKA robotics

That is the case with Finnish beverage company, Olvi Oyj, which manufactures beers, ciders, and soft drinks including Angry Birds, Hello Kitty and other brands. Like many other companies, this Finnish company began automating some of their order picking processes long ago to increase the accuracy of their cases.

Now, Olvi Oyj has decided to invest in an even more advanced order picking system that will be built for them by Cimcorp. This system will have robots picking all the drinks that are shipped on trays, and they will even boost their manual picking applications by using voice-controls.

Along with order picking, the software and system provided will supervise the entire production process, including warehousing and material flow. That way, the robotic order pickers will know the location of all the beverages, and will be able to sort and prepare crates for specific orders.

The order picking system is planned to go into operation in 2014 and is targeted to boost the picking efficiency for orders, as well as allowing the company to further diversify their product line.

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