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BEAM, Simple System Robots


BEAM robotics (Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics robotics) focus on efficiency and simplicity. Using analog circuits instead of digital circuits and microprocessors allows BEAM robots to work more efficiently and respond more accurately to the environment in which it is working. The analog circuits are designed to behave similarly to biological neurons in that they react to triggers in their environment.

BEAM robots are designed to use as few electrical components and parts as possible. Solar or other renewable energy is also a staple of what makes BEAM robots unique.

In some aspects, industrial robots behave similarly to BEAM robots. Industrial robots do not typically use solar energy, but they can be designed in the simplest fashion to meet application requirements. For example, an industrial robot performing a palletizing application typically requires a high payload capacity and a long horizontal reach. Because of this, FANUC Robotics developed the M-410 series to perform palletizing applications exclusively. Robots in the M-410 series features 4 axes, which allows payload capacities to be higher. In other words, a simpler designed allowed the goals of the application to be met.

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