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Better Palletizing with Motoman PalletSolver Software


PalletSolver software by MotomanPalletizing is one of the most important and widely used end-of-line robotic applications on the market, and companies are constantly trying to improve it. Motoman Robotics’ latest innovation for improving palletization is PalletSolver, a palletizing software that works with Motoman robots and increases the ease of integration, as well as enhancing the company’s production line uptime.

Sometimes it is difficult to implement robotic automation into an existing line. This is not the case when using PalletSolver with your Motoman palletizing automation. PalletSolver enables fast development and integration of a robotic palletizing system by improving the user-friendly interface, as well as making configuration, setup and customization routines easier to understand, according to Motoman. This means that manufacturers will not have to endure long shutdowns for training purposes and can have the new automation up and running in no time, which saves money on production costs.

Another great benefit that the Motoman PalletSolver brings to the table is the ability to increase the uptime for the line by allowing for quick changeovers for products. Pallet Solver by Motoman allows workers to generate patterns offline and changeover patterns for the palletizing system without having to stop production to validate the change. This means that products are palletized and prepped for shipping faster as well.

All in all, by investing in software like PalletSolver by Motoman, a manufacturer is going to see the palletizing they’ve come to expect from Motoman, but they will also get a faster, more streamlined application as well.

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