Cars Made of Aluminum

Why are Cars Made From Aluminum?
With the lagging economy many people are looking for a more affordable option when it comes to choosing an automobile, luckily the auto industry is now producing cars made from aluminum.  Aluminum made cars are lighter and more fuel efficient than other automobiles.  Cars made from Aluminum accelerate faster, stop shorter, and can absorb 2 times the energy in a crash as opposed to steel cars.  They also help to protect the environment since they can be recycled and require less engine power.

/robots in car industry

Industrial Robots in the Auto Industry
Today most industrial robots are used in the auto industry; as many as 50% work on assembly lines such as the ones used to produce aluminum made cars.  Robots are beneficial in auto manufacturing because they are more precise than humans and can work more efficiently.  Robots can produce a consistent product for less money for the manufacturer.  Industrial robots always put forth the same amount of effort no matter how long they have been working.  In fact they can work around the clock because they do not require breaks, vacation, or sick days, speeding up the production process.  They also help to reduce worker injuries by performing jobs that are dangerous to humans.  The accurate engineering of robots makes them paramount in manufacturing cars made of aluminum.
RobotWorx carries some of the top models used in today automotive industry such as the Motoman UP130.  Other popular units in auto manufacturing carried by RobotWorx include the FANUC R-2000 series, the FANUC ArcMate series, the Motoman UP6 and Motoman UP20.
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