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Cleaning Your Welding Nozzle with the FANUC TorchMate Cleaning Station


FANUC TorchMate Cleaning SystemRegular maintenance and cleaning are necessary steps for any high-functioning robotic system, especially when it comes to robotic welding. FANUC has produced a product to clean the welding guns of its robots called the FANUC TorchMate Cleaning station. It is important that the TorchMate is used regularly, otherwise the quality of the welds produced by your FANUC welder could drastically decrease.

Why does a nozzle need to be cleaned with a FANUC TorchMate? The answer is simple – welding can be a dirty process. As a FANUC robot welds over an extended period of time, debris like slag and weld spatter collect in the nozzle of the welding gun. If this debris is not cleaned out of the nozzle, it will affect the productivity of your welding application and cause the welder to perform poorly. By using a torch cleaning station like the TorchMate by FANUC, your welding functionality can be maintained over years or even decades.

How does the cleaning station work? A worker inserts the nozzle of the FANUC robot into the TorchMate’s pneumatic clamps, and the reamer function begins. The reamer blade inserts into the nozzle and spins at high speeds to scrape all of the debris from the nozzle. Then, once that function is finished, the nozzle is moved to the spray function, which uses air to pump anti-spatter solution into the nozzle, making it difficult for debris to stick and buildup.

All in all, investing in a FANUC Torch Mate cleaning station will keep your robots highly-functional for years to come will save you time and money on replacement parts and costly maintenance that can be caused by not cleaning your torch nozzles.

Are you interested in learning more about cleaning stations and how they can improve your robotic welding application? Then you should call RobotWorx, an integrator for several robotics companies, including FANUC Robotics. Our staff will work with you to ensure that you have all of the proper equipment necessary to ensure that your robots are working well for many years.

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