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Common Uses for Robots


Industrial robot can be used to automate many industrial applications. While welding applications are the most commonly automated tasks, material handling, and cutting are some of the other applications of robots.

common uses for robotics

Welding: Welding applications most commonly include arc welding and spot welding applications. Arc welding refers to the type of welding that uses gas and an electric arc to fuse two metal objects together. Common types of arc welding are MIG and TIG welding. FANUC and Motoman both manufacture many industrial robot arms that can automate arc welding. FANUC’s ARC Mate 100iC and Motoman’s EA1400N are two examples. Spot welding tasks require a large spot welding gun that uses two electrodes and a large amount of electricity to join thinner pieces of metal together in one spot. A common industrial robot used in automated spot welding applications is the Motoman UP165 arm.

common uses material handling

Material Handling: Many industrial applications fall under the material handling category in the industrial world. Packaging, palletizing, machine loading and tending, and pick and place are a few good examples. Some robot arms are designed to perform a specific material handling application. For example, the FANUC M-410 robot arm uses only four axes to perform palletizing applications. Four axes allow for a higher payload capacity. Other industrial robots, such as FANUC’s R-2000iA/165F and Motoman’s HP 20, are designed to be multi-purpose robots that can perform many industrial applications.

Other Applications: Industrial applications such as painting, coating, deburring, drilling, and polishing can be automated, but are not as common as welding and material handling applications.

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