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Dealing with robotic dealers


When a customer is interested in purchasing a robot, he can buy directly from a robot manufacturer, or he can entertain the idea of buying from a robot dealer.  Robot dealers can offer unique advantages over robot manufacturers.robotic dealer

First, robot dealers have the option of offering multiple brands of robots, like FANUC, KUKA, Motoman, and ABB.  Having the option of finding a particular robot built in a certain year or model is attractive to potential customers. 

Industrial robot dealers also offer more choices for industrial robots with customized work cells.  Each customer’s needs are different, depending on his budget, application, and work environment.  Robot dealers can create a customized solution for each customer’s needs as opposed to robot manufacturers, who might attempt to sway the customer to a certain option.

Finally, robot dealers offer diversity.  They can sell both new and used robots, allowing the customer to find a robot that fits within his price range.  Dealers understand the benefits of offering refurbished used robots, which are usually sold for about half the cost of a new robot.  High quality, lower cost robots are a viable option when purchasing from a dealer.

When purchasing a used robot from a dealer, the customer should ensure the dealer is reliable.  The dealer should recondition used robots by rebuilding and testing them to ensure the robot is in the best condition possible.  Robot integration should be offered as a service:  the dealer should equip the robot to perform specific jobs, saving the customer time.  Last, the dealer should provide training on the robot system, and should include a warranty covering parts and service.

RobotWorx is a robotic dealer that buys and sells new and used robots.  All used robots are completely refurbished and run through a full comprehensive reconditioning and inspection report and testing before released to the customer.  For  more information on buying a robot from a robot dealer like RobotWorx, contact us at 740-251-4312.