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Feed the machine: machine tending robots


machine tending

Why should a company consider automating a machine tool?  First, robots increase machine production by up to 20%.  A robot can also perform secondary operations and eliminate fixtures.  Robots eliminate operator safety issues, and increase the quality of the product.

Using a robot for machine tending is one of the most common applications of robots. Machine tending robots feed parts in and out of the machine, as well as supervise the machine while it performs the job.  Not only do workers avoid hazardous conditions, but robots are well-suited for machine tending.

Machine tending robots offer higher spindle utilization, the possibility for automatic deburring, gaging, or assembly. The machines they can work with include rotary and linear transfer machines, machining centers, tapping centers, grinding machines, honing machines, boring machines, cutting machines, and super finish machines.

FANUC offers a full range of machining robots for a complete machine tool solution. These industrial machining robots provide increased flexibility from fixed automation, minimized errors, maximized output with high speed and performance, and increased system up-time. Some of FANUC’s machine tending robots include:  the LR Mate 200iC/5F, M-900iA/150P, R-1000iB/100P, and M-430iA/2F.

FANUC developed the V-500iA PC-based vision system to make robotic automation of low-volume manufacturing practical. Shops of all sizes should be able to enjoy the benefits of robotic machine tending.  The V-500iA technology is capable of distinguishing between pieces of material, allowing for a more versatile system. 

FANUC’s M-16iB robot equipped with V-500iA/3DL laser vision sensor and FS-30 Force Sensor identified and located a robot cluster gear assembly from a tray, picked it up, and assembled parts for the gear assembly.  

KUKA machine tending robots keep track of all kinds of machines, from presses and shears to injection molding machines. The KR 30-4KS can be shelf-mounted and its flexibility promotes its work with linear feed systems.  Some other KUKA machine tending robots include the KR 100, KR 16, KR 60, and KR 6R700.

Motoman’s machine tending robots can deliver benefits to metal, polymer, ceramic, and composite manufacturers. Product quality is improved in processes like boring, milling, and grinding.  Some of Motoman’s machine tending robot models include the EPH130D, ES280D(MH), HP20D, MH215, MH55, and the SIA20F.

RobotWorx carries a large variety of machine tending robots. For help choosing the right one for your facility, contact us today by calling 740-251-4312 or contact representatives online and fill out any information or questions you may have.