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Flexible material handling with ABB Robots


material handling robotsMaterial handling is one of the most common types of robotic applications in the industry today. ABB, a leader in modern robotics technology, has been supplying manufacturers with material handling robotic solutions for decades. ABB material handling robots have a great level of versatility, which allows them to perform several different robotic functions and keep costs down.

Industries like the automotive, metal working and consumer goods industries use ABB material handling robots to perform several different tasks, including manipulating work pieces, stacking, palletizing, picking and even machine tending, according to the ABB website. When these types of applications are switched from manual to ABB robotic material handling systems, manufacturers are going to see an entire array of improvements.

So, what can you expect if you switch to an ABB material handling robot?  First, it is going to faster and more accurate than any manual application at work in your factory. Secondly, it is going to pay for itself (usually within the first one to two years). And thirdly, it is going to improve your overall production. All of these reasons, along with the decreases in production and labor costs, should be enough to convince any manufacturer to switch to robotic material handling.

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