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Flexible Spot Welding with the Motoman VS50 Robot


Motoman VS50 Spot Welding Robot

Spot welding is one of the oldest robotic welding applications on the market, but it is also one that has remained common in several industries, including the automotive industry. Motoman Robotics has an extensive line of spot welding robots, and now they have added the VS50 spot welder to that list. Like many other spot welding robots, the VS-50 has speed, accuracy and strength, but it also has flexibility, which comes in handy for companies that are looking to save money.

One of the greatest benefits of the VS 50 robot is its flexibility. The Motoman VS50 has a flexible reach and seven degrees of freedom, which allows it to have an enlarged range of motion. This type of reach can come in handy when spot welding large parts or parts on two separate sizes of the production line. And, because the VS50 from Motoman is ideal for flexible, high-density layouts, it helps manufacturers to reduce cycle times. This boost in productivity could allow manufacturers to improve their numbers and possibly expand their business.

Another benefit of the Motoman VS 50 is the integrated spot welding harness. This harness helps to facilitate programming for the robot, while also keeping maintenance costs down. Because many of the wires and cables are integrated into the harness, there is not as much wear and tear on the harness, and that means that the Motoman VS50 has lower cost over the lifetime of the unit, which saves companies money.

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