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Healthcare robots used to improve medical care


healthcare robotsWhen you get sick, you go to a doctor – that has always been the common thought. What if, one day, that doctor was a healthcare robot – or, at least, a remotely located doctor being shown through a healthcare robotic system?

That may be where the robotics world is trending in terms of the healthcare industry. Several robots have been developed to assist hospital staff for triage and janitorial services. However, there are several healthcare robots that are in development to work inside and outside healthcare facilities.

One robotic healthcare system, the Vasteras Giraff, is a mobile system that will help the elderly communicate with the world via Skype. The robot is on wheels and is controlled by a remote to come to the elderly person. Another home healthcare robot is the Bestic, a small robotic arm that has a spoon on the end to help feed those who have trouble feeding themselves.

Another tool that may be used inside or outside a hospital setting is a therapy healthcare robot. This robotic therapy comes in the style of robots like CosmoBot, a small, blue and yellow robot that resembles a child’s toy – for good reason. This robot is programmed to work with young developmentally disabled children. PARO, another robotic therapy aid, looks like a baby seal, and allows patients to gain the advantages of animal therapy without any of the mess.

However, healthcare robots are not only working directly with people to help the healthcare industry. There are industrial robots that assemble medical carts and hospital beds, as well as cleanroom robots that work with medical electronics or even directly with medications themselves.

These industrial healthcare robot arms are not in development, as are many of those listed above. They are in operation now, and customers can order and customize them now at RobotWorx.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for FANUC, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and KUKA, has several cleanroom and assembly robot models that could easily work in a healthcare industry setting. For more information about how RobotWorx can help you build and customize your robotic healthcare system, contact us today online or at 740-251-4312.