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How the FANUC M6i works


The FANUC M6i RobotThe FANUC M6i is a streamline, slim robot used for material handling, material removal and dispensing. While this robot has the flexibility to perform several different applications because of the ability to work with several different end effectors, it is the parts that contribute to the motion of the robot – the gears, the gear box, the cables and the motors – that work as a team so the robot can perform its tasks.

The M-6i has a gear box on the fourth axis (J4), part number A05B-1215-K401, which assists in the movement of that joint. There are also four gears in the J5 axis, part numbers A290-7215-X511, A290-7215-V501, A290-7215-V502 and A290-7215-X514, which contribute to the movement of the wrist, which is where the end effector is attached. These gears are moved by the power of the motors, and, in turn, operate the robot arm.

Those motors are located on every axis –  J1, A06B-0223-B605; J2, A06B-223B605; J3, A06B-0202-B605; J4, A06B-0202-B605; J5, A06B-0115-B275#0008; and J6, A06B-0114-B275#0008 – and they work to move the gears. Since they are servomotors, they are equipped with amplifiers that receive feedback from the other parts of the robot to improve the overall functionality of the system.

Finally, the cables, part numbers A05B-1215-D003 and A660-4004-T115, move power and pulse codes through the robot. This runs power from the power supply and information from the robot controller to the M 6i by FANUC so that it can move and operate.

Overall, the FANUC M-6i is a highly functional robot that has several complex parts that contribute to its specific motion patterns. If you are looking for a FANUC M6i robot system for your shop, or you’re looking for parts for an M6i that’s been working in your shop for years, look no further than RobotWorx.

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