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How to build your own robot


“Do it yourself,” or DIY, projects are really popular in society today. There is even a television network completely dedicated to the DIY movement.

build your own robot

While most people believe that DIY projects are confined to home improvement and vehicle projects, some of these DIYers are starting to build their own robots. One group has even started a crowdfunded project called BrickPi, which teams up a Raspberry Pi microcomputer and LEGO bricks and sensors to make a robot at home.

This team wants to be able to translate micro-robotics into everyday living, by using sophisticated software and hardware paired with something people know – LEGOs.

You may not be able to make an industrial-level robot at home, but you can work with a robotic integrator like RobotWorx to design your perfect workcell system.

Engineers and designers walk customers through the several steps to build a robot workcell to meet their application needs.  Workcells consist of a single or multiple robots, a positioner for parts, a power and software package, and a safety package.

Depending on the application your customized workcell is performing, you may need several robots to operate simultaneously. You may also need a turntable positioner, a ferris wheel positioner, or another robot that can be used as a positioner, depending on the parts you are moving. RobotWorx’ team can help you figure out which options are right for you.

While these workcells are not exactly “do-it-yourself” projects, you will get to work with a team of highly-skilled professionals who will work to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with your robotic workcell system.

Granted, it won’t be made of LEGOs, but at least it will stand up to even the toughest applications.

For more information about what RobotWorx can do to help you build your own robot workcell, contact the company today at 740-251-4312.