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It's all in the robot's hands


robots handsMaterial handling robots are do exactly what you think – they handle material. Without end effectors, also known as end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT), attached to the robot’s wrist, these robots would not be able to accomplish these applications. The effectors are, in fact, the robot’s hands.

There are several different types of end effectors. There are EOAT for welding, material removal, etc. However, it is the material handling end effectors that are crucial to these robots. Whether vacuum or claw, these grippers give material handling industrial robots the power to outperform manual operations in these processes.

Grippers pick up all kinds of materials. Claw grippers pick up boxes for palletizing and packaging processes, while vacuum grippers are used for picking up flat materials like sheets of glass or metal. Grippers can also be adhesive materials if necessary.

Material handling robotic systems can have single, double or multiple grippers, depending on how many gripping devices are on the robot’s wrist.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for companies like FANUC, ABB, Universal Robots, Motoman and KUKA, work with several vendors to bring our customers the right end effectors to get the job done to their satisfaction.

If you are ready to begin the automation process for your material handling applications, contact RobotWorx today at 740-383-8383 to work with our salesmen and designers to find what material handling end effectors would be best for you; they can also be reached online