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KUKA RoboCoaster


KUKA RoboCoasterWhen LEGOLand Park in Denmark wanted to build a different sort of ride, something that was fun, but versatile, and very hands on, they turned to KUKA Robotics to answer the call. KUKA built them ten “RoboCoasters,” which are basically ten robot arms that have two seats attached to the wrists, with harnesses to strap in two passengers.

Once passengers are strapped in, the ride intensity is completely up to them. According to the KUKA website, the RoboCoaster can be programmed to go from level 1 (slow) to level 5 (wild), while also being programmed with differing motion patterns and such. This means that KUKA’s RoboCoasters have almost limitless entertainment possibilities during the ride.

While the “hands on and minds on” approach is exactly what LEGOLand was going for, the KUKA RoboCoasters also offer young and old alike with something else – an up close and personal look at how industrial robotics work and move. It is very possible that a ride like the RoboCoaster could inspire a child to learn more about robotics, go to college, and one day, work for KUKA themselves.

And while these robocoasters are piquing educational interests and entertaining children, as well as adults, they are also highly versatile, because of the different ride options listed above, and they are very cost effective. The 10 robocoaster arms from KUKA cost the same as any system of that size, comparable or possibly less expensive than the other rides at LEGOLand. They also have a high availability because of the amount of arms available, and where they are located. All in all, the RoboCoaster from KUKA seems to be a win for LEGOLand.

The RoboCoaster may be flinging LEGOLand visitors this way and that, the arms that are doing all the work are actually very useful in the industrial setting. RobotWorx, a certified integrator for KUKA Robotics, works with customers to build KUKA robot arms to fit all of their welding, material handling, dispensing or material removal needs.

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