Light and Compact – The FANUC ArcMate 0iA

FANUC ArcMate 0iAFor the last forty years, FANUC Robotics has been leading the way as one of the top innovators in the robotics industry. The development of their latest arc welding robot, the FANUC ArcMate 0iA, is just another accomplishment for the company. Not only is the 0-iA a new model in the already reputable ArcMate line, but it is also has a lightweight and compact design.

What are some of the advantages to purchasing the FANUC Arc Mate 0 iA? Well, one of the first advantages is the cost. According to the FANUC website, the 0iA is a lower cost arc welding robot system than some of its siblings in the ArcMate family. There are other advantages besides cost effectiveness though. Despite its smaller size, the Arcmate 0iA is just as quick and precise as any of its predecessors because of its updated servo motor technology. These types of advantages will not only save a company money, but will also produce a superior, strong welds for its products.

Another way that the ArcMate 0-iA keeps costs down is with the decreased need for human interaction. This means that the robot system can run more efficiently without need for a constant operator, which lowers labor costs. There is also faster communication through digital channels between the robot and the Lincoln Electric power supply, which means even faster cycle times for the system.

Overall, the FANUC ArcMate 0iA is a compact, lightweight, cost-efficient welding arm that is capable of delivering one of the cleanest welds in the robot industry.

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