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Maintaining Welding Torches and Equipment


RobotWorx Technicians Working on RobotsOne of the most important things to do when you are caring for a new or used robot welding system is to properly maintain all welding torches and equipment. This will ensure that you have a reliable, strong, top-quality weld from your robot every time. However, if this level of maintenance is lacking, welds could be low quality and weak, which could cause end products to break, and that can be dangerous, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries.

According to Lincoln Electric, maintaining a welding torch does not require a great deal of effort, and it can save manufacturers from costly repairs later down the road. Also, by properly maintaining a welding package, a manufacturer can elongate the life of the welder, which means that the end effector will not have to be replaced as often, saving the company time and money, and staving off production shut downs.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a welding torch and other equipment is to check for wear and tear on a regular basis. This isn’t needed on a day to day basis, but it can be helpful to check regularly to make sure that parts do not need to be replaced. Also, manufacturers need to invest in a qualified technician that can check the internal parts of the torch and other equipment regularly. This technician can check for grime and dust buildup on the parts that might be causing them to not function properly, the website stated. It is imperative that all of these maintenance checks and repairs are done with the robot unplugged, which ensures the safety of the technician working on the robot.

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