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Designed specifically for palletizing applications, Motoman’s new EPL-series “Expert Palletizing” robots are a family of high-yield manipulators with internally routed air and I/O signal lines.  These application specific robots are available in 80kg, 160kg, 300kg, and 500kg payload models.

EPL 300 Motoman

Motoman’s higher payload robots (160-, 300-, and 500-kg) are all four-axis robots, while the EPL80 is a five-axis robot. The EPL80’s five-axis design eliminates interference zones within the work envelope.  Because of its fast axial speeds, there is a reduction in cycle time and an increase in productivity. It is the perfect choice for end of the line palletizing solutions that require minimal footprint.

With a 62,000-hour MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) rating, Motoman’s EPL-Series robots are extremely reliable. All models use the advanced NX100 controller.

RobotWorx offers Motoman’s EPL-Series robots in various arm lengths, payloads, and mounting options.

For more information about a Motoman EPL robot, please contact RobotWorx or call 740-251-4312.