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NASA and Robot Companies Work Together


In addition to NASA’s own leading-edge developments in the robotic systems used in space exploration, the agency also takes advantage of the innovation of outside companies to solve their most important and challenging problems. The technologies that are developed during joint solicitation with American businesses are then transferred back into industry to improve the nation’s manufacturing capabilities and economic competitiveness.

nasa robots(Picture source: www.nasa.gov)

Robotic workspace Technologies, Inc. (RWT) is one such company that joined NASA in the race for new technology to expand space exploration. RWT, a wholly owned subsidiary of Innova Holdings, Inc. (INHG), is an automation technology company that provides hardware and software systems-based solutions to improve performance, applicability, and productivity of robots in the personal, service, and industrial robot markets. RWT is the creator of the Universal Robotic Controller (URT), an open architecture PC controller for automated devices, including industrial robots. The URC supports the integration of multiple devices like end-of-arm tooling, parts feeders, sensors, and other automation components, and can also serve as an upper-level supervisory control. Joint efforts between NASA and companies like RWT are aimed to not only advance exploration of space, but to also drive advancement of essential national technologies. 

RWT worked closely with NASA engineers to ensure that the URC could meet the high-performance capabilities that the space agency requires in terms of precision, speed, coordinated control of axes, and integration of ancillary devices. The URC was tested to meet the demand for high-performance dynamics in space, and is also operating in a variety of ABB, FANUC, KUKA, Universal Robots, and Motoman Robots used in North America at several Fortune 100 companies. 

Robotworx is supportive of innovation for space exploration and is excited to see how NASA’s joint efforts translate into advancements for industrial systems. If you would like more information on integrating industrial robotic systems, contact Robotworx online or at 740-251-4312.